Can a journey to the impossible really happen? Can we become anew? Six dancers in the poignant world of Georges Bataille, a French writer, philosopher and critic of contemporary culture, one of the few thinkers of the past century who had the courage to ask uncompromising and unconditional questions about the sense and form of human existence.


New staging of groundbreaking in the history of music and theatre Igor Stravinsky's ‘The Rite of Spring’. Solo performance as a trip into the depths of Vaslav Nijinsky's unconsciousness – recognised as a scandalous and legendary precursor of modern dance.


Our work has been developing simultaneously in three fields – art, research and education – which constitute a cohesive whole, based on a community of ideas, beliefs, passions, questions and explorations regarding both art and life. Research is in the very heart of this activity.


Sławek Krawczyński and Anna Godowska have been collaborating since 1999. They co-founded and ran Teatr Bretoncaffe from 2001-2012 (please see below for a more detailed outline of the theatre’s projects). Their most important collaboration was the research project Dance of the Dream Body (Taniec śniącego ciała) initiated in 2015 as part of Anna Godowska’s residency at the Centre national de la dance Pantin-Paris. The goal of this long-term project is the application of Carl Gustav Jung’s analytical psychology ideas as well as Arnold Mindell’s process oriented psychology into the practice of dance and theatre. Each new step within the framework of this project brings all the more interesting practical and theoretical results.

The synthesis of the collaborative platform of Godowska and Krawczyński is The_Rite_of_Dreams_Project established in 2013. The first work in the framework of this project, the piece titled Nijinsky. The Rite of Dreams (Niżyński. Święto snów) was created entirely based on the developing methods of the artists involved.

Nijinsky. The Rite of Dreams received two awards from the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage during the Polish Dance Platform (Polska Platforma Tańca) in Lublin in 2014: Best Play and Best Performance. The piece was ranked as one of the Best Dance Plays of the 2013/2014 season in the prestigious monthly magazine Teatr. In 2015, Anna Godowska and Sławek Krawczyński received special recognition from the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage honouring their 15 year artistic collaboration, their accomplishments, and contributions to the development of contemporary dance in Poland.

Choreographic Territories

Minsk: September 18             Dnipro: September 22             Tbilisi: September 26
Yerevan: September 28             Kiev: October 2

Cricoteka, Rollercoaster Festival
Cracow: October 20

Bataille and The Dawn of NeW Days

On Tour 2018