Our work has been developing simultaneously in three fields – art, research and education – which constitute a cohesive whole, based on a community of ideas, beliefs, passions, questions and explorations regarding both art and life. Research is in the very heart of this activity.

We are interested in the hidden dimension of human existence, remaining constantly in the shadow of ordinary everyday reality, and at the same time deeply permeating and affecting life. 

Carl Gustav Jung's idea of unconsciousness, Arnold Mindell's process, Dreaming in many ancient philosophies - depending on tradition, this dimension is known under different names, but in all of them it is recognized as a force that to a large extent determines the growth of both individuals and whole societies. 

For us, the aforementioned ideas are a living source of inspiration, opening us to a wide variety of experiences to explore as potentially creative and liberating. 

Regardless of the subject, each project is an attempt to analyse reality from the point of view of a process, myth or dream that gave birth to or shaped a given phenomenon.

This perspective leads to searching for a close relationship between the art and the aspects of psychological and spiritual reality. 

Our work approaches dance and performing art as the way to experience, know and reflect various inner contents and processes, both those which are present in the mind of a dancer or performer and those that do not concern them directly, but belong to a wider field of experience. 

Theatre is a space of communication where these contents may be - at least to some extent - revealed and transformed. 

In 2005, whilst developing our own ideas and artistic experience, we initiated a research project  which is aimed at applying the philosophy and methodology of Carl Gustav Jung's analytical psychology and Arnold Mindell's Process Oriented Psychology, into the practice of dance and theatre. We are happy to witness that each year brings increasingly interesting practical and theoretical results.